Antenna Hungária Kft.

  • micro optical cables and ducts
  • optical patch cables



  • micro cables and ducts
  • optical cables


Euro One Számítástechnikai Zrt.

  • Racks, optical and structured cabling


Fluxus Kft

  • Copper cables and materials for Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7 networks, UTP, FTP, STP, S/FTP cables, wall and floor boxes, energy poles, cable channels



  • optical closures
  • optical cables
  • FTTH systems


KVV Zrt.

  • optical cables and fittings
  • cable trays (TKrem)


Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

  • optical cables (frame contract)
  • micro cables and micro ducts
  • Aerial FTTH optical elements, products (CORNING)


Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt.

  • WDM solutions, optical splitters, cable supplying


Many other CATV companies from Hungary

(for example: TARR Kft., Zelka Kft., PR-Telekom Kft., T-Kábel Magyarország Kft.)

  • optical cables and fittings




  • optical cables, accessories, pigtails, patch cables
  • micro cables and ducts


UPC Magyarország Kft.

  • optical cables and fittings



We provide you delivery to anywhere in the world. In case of a special agreement we provide you delivery free of charge.


If you need any technical help, don't hesitate to contact us. We help you to choose the right cable for your needs.


Planning, executing and maintenance of telecommunication, cableTV, and optical systems.


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