MCT Brattberg - The original cable transit (Full conformity to OTSZ)


The MCT Brattberg system gives you complet and safety solutions for both cable and pipe transit against the following stresses:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • pressure
  • water leakage
  • EMC
  • vibration/mechanical disruption
  • radioactivity
  • sound
  • vermin attack
  • weather
  • Uv, heat and humidity

You can use the MCT Brattberg transits i ntwo main applications: at sea (marine application) and on land (industrial application).

Advantages of MCT Brattberg transits:

  • The frames are strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, e.g. shock and vibration of ship bulkheads and decks.
  • Each corner is multiple-welded (at least two welds) to meet the requirements of a destruction test.
  • Robotic welding is used to maintain uniform and consistent high-quality welds.
  • Tight dimensional tolerances to maintain the defined functionality of insert blocks and other components.
  • The inner surfaces are smooth and free from residual weld spatter to facilitate insert block packing.
  • The cable/pipe size can be clearly identified on each insert block.
  • The blocks are made of a self-extinguishing material.
  • The blocks are self-lubricating to facilitate installation.
  • The blocks retain their shape over the long term to maintain correct functionality.
  • The blocks do not crack, melt, harden or become brittle under normal environmental conditions.
  • The blocks do not release corrosive gases such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine when subject to fire.
  • The blocks do not deteriorate when under attack by rodents, insects or microorganisms.
  • The blocks are moulded to tight tolerances to ensure uniform and accurate sizing.
  • Block design prevents displacement after installation.
  • The blocks result in minimal waste during installation.




Assembly and installation instructions in 7 simply steps



1. Measure the opening to ensure that its size conforms with tolerance standards 120,5mm +/- 0,5.




 2. Make sure the frame is clean and libricate the inside of the frame. Then pull cables through, placing the largest at the bottom.




3. Begin packing. A stayplate is inserted between each layer of insert blocks.




4. Insert the compression plate in the frame before the last row of blocks.




5-6. Insert the last row of blocks. Tighten the bolt until the is 32mm between the top of the plate and the inside of the frame.




7. Insert the endpacking STG with the tongue around the compression bolt. Tighten the nuts on the endpacking to compress and complete the seal. Approximately 12mm of thread should protrude on each bolt.


The E-series components provide the same protection as the standard MCT Brattberg system but with added, built-in protection against electromagnetic pulses caused by lightning or nuclear blast. They also give protection against interference, electronic sabotage (Synthetic EMP) and static electricity. All dimensions are exactly the same as for the other MCT Brattberg components.



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