Harmonised cables as per DIN VDE 0281/DIN VDE 0282/DIN VDE 0292

    H 05 V V5 - F 3 G 2,5
Identifications of designation                  
H Harmonized standard                  
A Authorised national standard                  
Nominal voltage                  
01 100/100V                  
03 300/300V                  
05 300/500V                  
07 450/750V                  
1 0,6/1kV                  
Insulating material                  
V Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)                  
V2 Heat resistant PVC (until +90°C)                  
V3 Low temperature PVC                  
B Ethylene-propylene-rubber (EPR)                  
E Polyethylen (PE)                  
X XLPE                  
R Syntethic                  
S Silicone rubber (SiR)                  
Sheath material                  
V PVC                  
V2 Heat resistant PVC (until +90°C)                  
V3 Low temperature PVC                  
V5 Reinforced oil resistant PVC                  
Q PUR (Polyurethan)                  
J Glass-fiber braiding                  
R Natural and/or synthetic rubber                  
N Chloroprene rubber (CR)                  
S Silicon rubber                  
T Textile braiding                  
Special structural features                  
C Copper braiding                  
H Flat, divisible cable (twin cable)                  
H2 Flat, non-divisible cable (two-core sheathed cable)                  
H6 Flat, non-divisible cable (multi-core sheathed cable)                  
H8 Spiral cables                  
Conductor type                  
U Single-wire, round section, class 1                  
R Multi-wire, round section, class 2                  
K Fine-wired in cables for fixed installation                  
F Fine-wired in flexible cables                  
H Ultra fine-wired in flexible cables                  
D Fine-wired, for welding cables                  
E Ultra fine-wired, for welding cables                  
Z Conductor with special material                  
Number of cores                  
Protective conductor                  
J With protective conductor (with gr/ye)                  
O Without protective conductor (without gr/ye)                  
Nominal conductor cross-section in mm2                  


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