Haulage, transportation, automotive industry

Our portfolio contains all those types of cables which are essential for the various fields of airport activity from the power-supply of the lighting network of runways to the traffic control of data transmission. We offer cables and wires to the handling systems of passenger baggage, to the reliable operation of elevators and lifts, to the wiring of standby energy supplier. Aviation requires high security and safety which our low emission, halogen free, high refractory, silicon or steel protected products fully satisfy.

The use of quality products is a must at railway and transportation industry since lots of breakdowns and failures are hidden because of the huge distances and constant usage which could have serious consequences. The products of Partner Cable are designed for extremely high mechanical use and for weather resistance. We offer solutions for signaling, power-supply, telecommunication systems, switch heating, contact (trolley) wiring and urgency systems.

All the commercial marine cables have to represent the highest level of reliability and quality. At the area of marine industry each product has to meet stern and strict conditions which derive from the highest standards since the efficiency and performance of these types of cables are key factors. At marine usage paying attention to corrosion and water pressure (at deep-sea installing) is crucial. The protection of human life at this territory is highly important since the loopholes are limited. That is why halogen free and fireproof cables and wires are requirements.

At the production of modern cars electric and electronic components are more and more important. The cars are more comfortable, flexible and safer. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that any car would be produced without seat heating or without electric seat adjusting. The mechanical slide doors or the automatic roof windows are popular elements of the designers. All these equipments require power and signal transmission which necessitates developed and special cabling and wiring. Besides, assembly lines, development of robotic machines make cable manufacturing factories face a serious challenge. The different kinds of energy chains and the cabling of hand-tools require the finest twisted cables to which screening has to accommodate and conform as well.

To our partners, working on this industrial area, reliability of the supplier is really important so we strive to distribute products which match the highest safety requirements and standards which we conjugate with the special knowledge of our collages in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our partners. Due to this we choose our suppliers with great circumspection and we expect their cables and wires to meet the highest safety regulations.



H07V-K 450/750V - Flexible PVC wire

Száraz helyiségekben, üzemekben, kapcsoló és elosztóberendezésekhez, védőcsőben a vakolatra, vagy a vakolat alá, valamint védett elhelyezéssel, világítótestekhez. Készülékek belső huzalozására, 1000V váltóáramú és 750V egyenáramú névleges feszültség és földelés mellett. Nem fektethetőek közvetlenül kábeltartóra vagy nyiladékba.


H07RN-F 450/750V - Rubber coated wire for medium mechanical stresses

Száraz és nyirkos helyiségekben, ill. szabadban. Mezőgazdasági üzemekben, valamint tűz- és robbanásveszélyes területeken ill. ipari vizekben is alkalmazható. Közepes mechanikai igénybevétel mellett ipari gépek és berendezések bekötésére.



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