Communication and telecommunication

Within our procurement sources you can find recognized and high-quality producer factories so, among our products the high performance Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 data transmission cables can be find. Moreover, where the installment requires single core cables can be delivered with common or separated foil or copper screening. From the layout design we help to choose the appropriate cable types which are transported rapidly at a competitive price.



JB-YY, JB-Y(St)Y 300V - Fire alarm cable

Rögzített elhelyezésre beltéren tűzjelző rendszerekhez.


JB-H(St)H ...Bd E90 225V - Halogen-free, flame retandant fire-alarm cable with 90 minutes function retantion

Tűzveszélyes helyeken fektetve tűzjelző rendszerekhez. Az égés során nem bocsát ki toxikus és korrozív gázokat, és anyaga megakadályozza az égést. Tűz esetén a funkciómegtartása 90 perc, a szigetelés 180 percig tart ki.



We provide you delivery to anywhere in the world. In case of a special agreement we provide you delivery free of charge.


If you need any technical help, don't hesitate to contact us. We help you to choose the right cable for your needs.


Planning, executing and maintenance of telecommunication, cableTV, and optical systems.


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